Where It All Started:

I was born on March 31, 2006 in Dallas, Oregon.  My mother was rescued from a home in Salem, Oregon by Dogs Deserve Better, a wonderful organization that rescues chained dogs.  My mother was very pregnant, on a 4 foot chain out in the cold and the rain. She was taken to live in Dallas, Oregon with a lovely family that had a huge barn with a Llama and chickens.  My mother was a German Shepherd mix and my father was a Malamute.

Five weeks after my birth, Dogs Deserve Better posted all six of us (5 girls and me) on Petfinder.com and my soon to be new Mommy and Daddy saw us and fell in love.  When they came to visit us they actually wanted my sister Rose but she was already spoken for so they were stuck with me, the only boy in the litter. Boy was I LUCKY!!

My gotcha day was on May 21, 2006 and that was the day I went to live at Big Dipper Ranch in Yamhill County Oregon and met my new Doggie mother, Stella!  She tried to ignore me at first but I was very persistent and she learned to tolerate me.

My new home is so awesome, it has 7 acres with a barn that has goats and a huge shop called “Daddy’s Man Cave”.

I was quite a little stinker growing up, had lots of separation anxiety!!!  I ate a couch, a love seat, an ottoman, ripped up almost all the carpet in the living room and hallway (which was OK because they wanted new laminate flooring), several shoes and anything else I could sink my teeth into. Despite all of this destruction, they still loved me.

FINALLY at the age of 2-1/2 or maybe 3, I grew up, was trusted to go outside on my own and life was even more wonderful.  I would go on great adventures (never leaving the property) and sometimes I would be gone for 2 or more hours.  Eventually coming home with a smile on my face, tail a wagging and very happy!!!